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Harnett attributes include healthcare information technologies, systems development, research efforts, evaluating telemedicine programs, informatics and education.

The US healthcare system is a trillion dollar industry representing over 18% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and growing. Is your organization maximizing its potential? Are your clinical revenues increasing? Are your outcomes always improving?

For many organizations the pace of technology is daunting. Every week news articles articulate the impending technical revolution facing healthcare organizations. To be interoperable and remain competitive presents challenges that have not been fully realized. There are prudent steps that can be taken now that can prepare you for the impending requirements driven by consumers and Washington.

It is likely the information from inside your organization is subjective. Many IT departments resist change because it involves taking risks. It is always easier and safer to hole up with legacy systems but the opportunities for growth and sometimes survival pass you by. A famous management consultant once said, "Those people who stand still do not bump their toes but do not make progress either."

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