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Netting results is a critical factor in today's competitive world. As the healthcare industry evolves and technology plays an ever-increasing role in its transformation, executives and decision makers must make informed decisions regarding strategic initiatives.

The empowered patient will increasingly flex their muscle in how healthcare is delivered. Managed care that expanded in the 1990s now has to evolve again to embrace these paradigm shifts in healthcare. Patients are so much more informed about their conditions and treatment options. Since ARRA/HITECH and electronic medical records, informatics and HIPAA security are now more important than ever.

Brett Harnett, is an assistant professor for the University of Cincinnati (UC) Department of Biomedical Informatics in the College of Medicine. Prior to joining the faculty at UC, Professor Harnett worked for a NASA medical informatics program in Virginia and the Yale University School of Medicine in Connecticut. His undergraduate degree is in business administration and his master's degree is in information systems. He is currently serving as the director for the Center for Health Informatics at UC. Mr. Harnett also is a Board Member for the Institutional Review Board, sits on the editorial board for the Telemedicine and e-Health journal and is an active scientific reviewer for the National Institutes of Health. He has five book chapters, over a dozen published research articles and has spoken at scores of events in the healthcare arena.

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