Net Results in Telehealth

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Healthcare informatics is a rapidly growing segment of the executive decision making process. We are entering the era of big data. From evolving ACO initiatives to patient-centered care to operational efficiency, analytics turns raw data into usable information.


As available research dollars continue to diminish, grant applications need to be that much stronger. In our highly interconnected world, you have the option to append collaborators to your programs to strengthen proposals and increase the likelihood of being funded.


Telemedicine programs often start out as grass-roots efforts. The specific applications differ but the concept is the same. The decision to implement a program such as tele-pathology is driven by financial issues and vision. There is much to consider.

HIPAA Security

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act has tightened HIPAA security laws requiring a higher degree of data monitoring. Certain breaches of ePHI require notification to the federal government and a major media outlet.


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